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    1970 - Original Hireco

    Did you know the original Hireco trailers were used to deliver coal and for farming in Ireland? The idea of trailer rental developed over the summer months renting flats to local businesses.


    1991 - Fully Fledged rental company

    The business developed into a fully-fledged rental company, when Pat Carson acquired both Hireco NI & Hireco Dublin.


    1999 - First Base in England

    Hireco established their first base in England through the acquisition of Transport Logistics in Membury to form Hireco TL Ltd. This acquisition added 300 trailers to the fleet.


    2006 - Over 1000 Trailers

    As the company developed, Hireco opened a branch in Thatcham and the fleet then totalled over 1000 trailers.


    2006 - James Smith Joins Hireco

    James Smith joined the company in 2006 as Managing Director of Hireco TL Ltd. Hireco established a key partnership with leading manufacturer Dennison trailers.


    2007 - Partnership With SDC

    Hireco built upon these key partnerships by connecting with SDC trailers to form a strong and successful relationship.


    2008 - Over 2000 Trailers

    In the last 2 years Hireco successfully doubled their overall fleet size to over 2000 trailers due to a successful fleet acquisition strategy. 2008 also saw Hireco build a key partnership with Schmitz Cargobull.


    2009 - Acquisition of JB Trucking

    Hireco increased their fleet by another 400 trailers through acquisition of JB Trucking.


    2010 - The Certus Digital Pen Platform

    In 2010 Hireco recognised the need to invest in market leading technology. The Certus digital pen platform was developed to provide real time and customer accessible fleet documentation and management.


    2010 - Over 3000 Trailers

    Hireco reached a milestone in 2010 of 3000 trailers operating across the UK and Ireland.


    2010 - Opening of Belfast Office

    A central maintenance and accounts team were set up in a brand new office in Belfast.


    2013 - £25 000 000 Investment

    Hireco continued to be the biggest buyer in the UK with an investment of over £25m on 1,149 new build trailers.


    2015 - Partnership with Mercedes

    Hireco developed a key partnership with Mercedes following the introduction of brand new trucks to their fleet.


    2015 - Further Investment of New Fleet

    This investment on new fleet continued in 2015 by adding an additional 1,000 trailers to the fleet showing an investment of over £20m.