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Hireco partners with Aspoeck to launch Electric Chiller Van

In another exciting development for our goal to offer our customers a Total Electric Solution, in partnership with Aspoeck, we have developed a solar powered electric chiller vehicle.

In tandem with our light commercial vehicle division which combines years of experience and knowledge in vehicle hire to provide a solutions approach bespoke to each customers requirement, the solar powered electric chiller van is yet another offering we can provide.

With the ever-developing market of electric vehicles a constant concern is pricing and range anxiety, especially with a vehicle such as a chiller pulling a vast amount of power. Hireco have worked closely with industry leaders Aspoeck to develop  a solar powered chiller to combat both concerns.

Speaking on the partnership, Aspoeck describes the journey:

The challenge posed by the application was to provide a solution with the flexibility to suit a multipurpose rental fleet, whilst retaining the cost to value principles that under pin Hireco’s position as contract hire specialists.

Through consultations and investigations with multiple interested parties, the decision was made to use the solar panels to mitigate the range depleting effects of the onboard fridge system.

The end result is a cost effective, robust and efficient installation from Aspoeck which will continue to serve the operational requirements of the vehicles operator, offering industry leading return on investment to compliment the industry leading position of Hireco.”

Our  versatile electric chiller van is based on the energy efficient LDV EV80. It offers the operator a range of up to 120 miles, using a combined charging system and can be fully charged within 1.5 hours with a 40kW DC charger. The van has a load capacity of 1000kg and a capacity of  10 cubic metres. As well as the low maintenance needs, the electric chiller van offers the benefit of a regenerative battery.

The EV80 electric chiller is insulated with 75mm body panelling and is equipped with a Thermoking B100 fridge unit which produces a load compartment range of ambient to 0 degrees. Importantly, the driveline battery of the vehicle is unaffected from the fridge operation as the solar panels condition and charge an ancillary power source to run the fridge unit. Working closely with the engineering team at Aspoeck we have developed a chiller vehicle which does not significantly deplete the range of the electric driveline but at the same time is up to the rigours of a days work delivering good around the city.

We are also working closely with telematics providers to provide fleet operators with a detailed insight into the daily operation of the electric chiller. Live data feedback will allow us to continue to develop this product offering in the fast-moving electric vehicle market.

As leaders in the commercial leasing and finance marketplace, Hireco provides clients with expertly sourced assets, cost-effective financing, full maintenance management  and efficient disposal underpinned by outstanding customer service.


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