Our History

Where we came from. Where we're going.

The Evolution of Hireco

Here's a quick journey through the Hireco story – where it all began and where we're heading.


Starting up

The original Hireco trailers were used to deliver coal and for farming in Ireland. The idea of trailer rental came about over the summer months renting flats to local businesses.

On the move

Pat Carson acquires both Hireco NI and Hireco Dublin, and transforms the business into a fully-fledged rental company.

Into England

We open our first branch in England, in Thatcham. Our fleet now totals over 1,000 trailers.

The first partnership of many

We partner with SDC trailers to form a strong, successful relationship.


In just two years, thanks to a successful acquisition strategy, we double our overall fleet size to over 2,000 trailers. We also establish a key partnership with Schmitz Cargobull.

JB Trucking comes on board

We increase our fleet by another 400 trailers through the acquisition of JB Trucking.

Launching the Certus Digital Pen Platform

We have always invest in market-leading tech. Our Certus digital pen platform provides customers with easily accessible real time fleet documentation and management.

Increasing our trailer numbers

We now have 3,000 trailers operating across the UK & Ireland.

Belfast is open for business

We set up a new central maintenance and accounts team in brand-new offices in Belfast.

Investing millions

We continue to be the biggest buyer in the UK with an investment of over £25m on 1,149 new build trailers.

Partnering with Mercedes

We develop a key partnership with Mercedes following the introduction of brand-new trucks to their fleet.

Investing more millions

We invest more than £20m in new fleet, adding some 1,000 trailers.

A new Hireco home

We open our head office on a new 3 acre site perfectly placed in DP World London Gateway in the south of England.

JW Trailer Sales comes into our world

Following the acquisition of JW Trailer Sales, we launch Hireco Trailer Sales, selling and buying quality pre-used vehicles.

A Hireco milestone

We make our largest order to date: 1,265 trailers ordered, all on BPW axles.

A game-changing Truck Park

We proudly open our premier truck stop within DP World London Gateway. 170 secure parking spaces with incredible facilities for drivers.

Partnering with Overlander Vehicles

We create an innovative partnership with Overlander Vehicles, a leading manufacturer of specialist vehicles for equestrian, commercial and leisure transport.

Hireco trucks hit the tarmac

We launch into the truck market, with an initial order with MAN, adding 250 TGX Trucks to our constantly expanding fleet.

Next up: Light Commercial Vehicles

Never one to stand still, we shift into the Light Commercial Vehicle market – including chiller, welfare and utility vans.

Welcome to Hireco Truck Centre East London

We open our fantastic new facility in Purfleet, just 15 miles from Central London. Boasting high-tech electric charging points and a used truck and van centre, it’s the perfect hub for people travelling to and from the city.

More partnerships, launches and benefits to our customers

From the New Thermo King Advancer Units to our partnership with EO Charging, we look to the future. More specifically, to the future of your fleet, your operation, your business.

Forward always

We're excited about tomorrow – and where we can help you take your business. Ready? Let's go.