Breaks from the norm

Nothing moves without your drivers. That’s how important, vital, essential they are. They’ve always had our respect and now, they have the truck park they’ve been asking for.

Hireco Truck Park

A glorious stop

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Amazing Amenities

Clean, modern toilet, shower and shaving facilities. 170 secure hard standing space all fully lit, all covered by high-tech CCTV. Yes, we’ve always got you and your drivers covered.

Food & drink

Marlon's Bistro

The Hireco Truck Park is home to Marlon’s. A modern bistro serving up delicious, nutritious homemade food and snacks at a decent price – seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Park Tariffs

Whether you’re looking for a quick break and freshen up using our constantly cleaned male and female shower and shaving facilities, or a longer overnight stay with a delicious meal – we have you covered.

0-2 Hour Free
2-5 hours £2 per hour
6-24 hours £29.50 per day
Contract Parking 24/7, 365 access to the park with your own dedicated space, all for one set weekly rate.
Special weekend rates available Contact Us

Park Facilities

  • 170 fully lit hard-standing spaces (available on an ad-hoc and contract basis).
  • 24/7 operation with hi-tech CCTV covering every square foot.
  • Marlon’s Bistro On The Port serves hot and cold food.
  • Vending machines with snacks and hot and cold drinks.
  • Clean, modern toilets, individual shower and shaving cubicles.
  • Easy-to-use drive-in, drive-out ANPR system.

How it Works

Our Easy-To-Use ANPR System

Forget pre-paying. Simply drive up, stay, pay and go.

Step 1

Drive up to the barrier and wait.

Step 2

The system will read your number plate and the barrier will open.

Step 3

Drive in carefully and park up.

Step 4

Park facilities include showers, toilets and Marlon's Bistro.

Step 5

Enter your registration and pay the amount displayed.

Step 6

Return to your vehicle, drive up to the exit barrier and wait.

Step 7

The system will read your number plate and open the barrier.

Step 8

Exit safely and hassle free!