Amazing Amenities

Park Facilities

  • 170 fully lit hard-standing spaces (available on an ad-hoc and contract basis).
  • 24/7 operation with hi-tech CCTV covering every square foot.
  • The Bistro On The Port serves hot and cold food.
  • Vending machines with snacks and hot and cold drinks.
  • Clean, modern toilets, individual shower and shaving cubicles.
  • Easy-to-use drive-in, drive-out ANPR system.

How it Works

Our Easy-To-Use ANPR System

Forget pre-paying. Simply drive up, stay, pay and go.

Step 1

Drive up to the barrier and wait.

Step 2

The system will read your number plate and the barrier will open.

Step 3

Drive in carefully and park up.

Step 4

Park facilities include showers, toilets and Marlon's Bistro.

Step 5

Enter your registration and pay the amount displayed.

Step 6

Return to your vehicle, drive up to the exit barrier and wait.

Step 7

The system will read your number plate and open the barrier.

Step 8

Exit safely and hassle free!

Hireco Truck Park,
DP World London Gateway,
South 3 Pacific Ave,
SS17 9FA.

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Park Tariffs

Whether you’re looking for a quick break and freshen up using our constantly cleaned male and female shower and shaving facilities, or a longer overnight stay with a delicious meal – we have you covered.

0-2 Hour Free
2-5 hours £2 per hour
5-24 hours £29.50 per day
Contract Parking 24/7, 365 access to the park with your own dedicated space, all for one set weekly rate.
Special weekend rates available Contact Us