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At Hireco, our customers always come first and it is our aim to solve any problems our customers come across.

For the last three years, Hireco have been supplying SH Pratts with contract hire equipment. Doing business with SH Pratts is always a pleasure, especially as we are being provided with an innovative experience where we are forever developing and learning more about the services we provide our customers with.

At Hireco, we are no longer just a company that offer rental equipment, but we are also a problem solving company with our innovative ideas, to help make our customer’s equipment hire experience easy and stress free.

One of the more recent problems that needed solving, was on the topic of: How to increase the shelf life of bananas.

With a temperature controlled trailer, the barn doors are opened at the loading banks and the vehicle reversed up to the bay. On many occasions the integrity of the load temperature is compromised. This can drastically reduce the shelf life of the product and the time the end client has with the product. Bananas naturally generate heat and start to ripen rapidly at normal temperatures. With the load doors open and time taken to unload, this can cause faster ripening.

SH Pratts discussed the issue with us, inspiring us to talk to a key supplier, Chereau trailers, located in France. Through business research and using our expert problem solving skills, we found a solution to the problem that is also environmentally friendly.

Our strategic planning and problem solving skills led to Chereau’s SmartOpen-C – the new patented electric rear opening system. It has a pulsed opening in less than 10 seconds, helping you to control temperature and to easily close the trailer in between and after unloading the goods. With new room being made since the trailer has been adapted, there is space for interior equipment, which is essential to modern urban delivery, such as: partitions for multi-compartments along with rear evaporators. In addition, there is a loading area completely free for merchandise and hygiene is now increased since the door opens outwards.

Added benefits to this new trailer rental, is that door damage is prevented and fridge fuel is saved by making this vehicle eco-friendly.

Customer Testimonial

“More often than not fleet providers can be inflexible and not willing to change their established processes and procedures. With Hireco they are always willing to look at alternative solutions.

We found it very easy to formulate the trailer fleet structure that we wanted – and at a very competitive price break. Throughout the Trailer replacement process, Hireco remained professional and diligent – regardless of what I threw at them! They really did make the process of renewing an 80 Trailer fleet go as easily as it could do.”

Group Logistics Director – SH Pratt Group

If you have come across a problem, contact Hireco today on 0845 388 0225 and we will make it our mission to solve the issue for you.


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