Partnership with EO Charging

Hireco is excited to announce that we have entered a partnership with a major industry leader of charging solutions, EO Charging, to achieve our goal of A Total Electric Solution. EO believes in putting people before technology; customers are at the heart of its ethos and want the future of charging to be reliable and simple

EO was founded in 2015 by Charlie Jardine who made a pledge that the future of electric vehicle charging would be reliable and simple. By 2016 its first charger was developed, the EO Basic which quickly garnered orders from numerous companies across the UK. The EO Basic was quickly followed by the EO Genius which secured EO’s place at the forefront of the commercial and fleet charging industry.

Their endeavours continued in 2018 with the launch of a range of smart home chargers, the EO Mini and EO Mini Pro 2, – the smallest electric vehicle charger in the world. These are designed to be sleek and discreet home chargers, showing that customers’ needs are at the heart of EOs development and ingenuity. EO strives to put people before technology, and this underlying ethos was an imperative factor in our partnership.

EO provides more than just the charging hardware; EO provides the EO Cloud, a platform enabling the easy management of a network of AC and DC chargers in one place with multi-level user access. The EO Cloud allows fleet managers to operate their electric fleets and charging infrastructure remotely, ensuring vehicles are ready to go when needed and charged as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. Integrations with telematics providers offer the next level of data, allowing further efficiencies to be made.

“EO is a fast growing and ambitious company helping to drive fleet electrification forward in the UK and internationally. Our partnership with Hireco is important in supporting businesses in their progress towards electrification, making the process easy and integrated.”

— Head of Sales at EO, Anne Buckingham.

The team at EO are growing along with the business. The ability of EO to scale its products and services to accommodate all businesses makes them an ideal strategic partner to join forces with Hireco to work towards our Total Electric Solution. EO offers bespoke packages tailored to individual customers’ needs and in partnership with Hireco we will together build and provide the best solution to any business needs.

From initial site assessments to the development of the charging infrastructure, we can supply both AC and DC charging options with the added possibility of onsite and at home charging facilities for your employees.

From the beginning of your Total Electric Journey to completion, we support the business and its employees through system training and offer a full range of telematics options to suit your needs. Hireco’s partnership with EO is just the beginning of our journey to become industry titans in the electric vehicle leasing space.


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