Royal Jersey Laundry Driving Electric!

Royal Jersey Laundry is a commercial laundry operating seven days a week servicing the laundry requirements of some of the very finest 5* Hotels in London and the home counties. With a customer base of fewer than 40 luxury hotels and spa’s whose businesses are focused on delivering a world-class guest experience to a very discerning, transient audience of international clients.


A commercial launderette business is undoubtedly a high user of water; gas and electric; however, Royal Jersey is committed to reducing their impact on the environment.

“The plant machinery is new and energy efficient, we wash in three continuous tunnel washers, each processing 50kg of linen per minute, using less water than a conventional washer extractor.” Martin Lawler, Head of Transport at Royal Jersey.

“With the installation of a water recovery plant, we recycle 80{65d183bc6f846ea3e638a301abf4df0dba82d5cf8dddf7fd02d48654b9407f00} of our water, as the recycled water is already heated, we use less energy; therefore, reducing our carbon footprint by 600 tonnes per year and most recently, adding 100{65d183bc6f846ea3e638a301abf4df0dba82d5cf8dddf7fd02d48654b9407f00} electric van’s to our fleet supplied by Hireco.”


“The LDV EV80 is a totally electric van which as a result means zero emissions.” Tony Antoniou, Head of Light Commercial Vehicles at Hireco says. “When first speaking with Royal Jersey it was clear to me that they were commited to the environment and lowering their carbon footprint was an important factor within the fleet replacement programme.”

“With the journeys they are making in and around the city, I knew not only the zero-congestion charge and road fund licence would benefit the company, but also the electric regeneration allows the range to be extended during use”.


Overall, these are remarkable times for the transport industry and Hireco are at the forefront of driving the alternative fuel evolution.

Our Group CEO James Smith continues to ensure the company is focused on helping our customers reduce their carbon footprint whilst continually researching and investing into the most technologically advanced vehicles.

We understand new technologies can be daunting which is why we are here to help.

From charging points to the vehicle use itself, we have the knowledge, expertise and connections to guide you through the whole process of running electric vehicles.

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