Hireco’s 1,265 Trailer Order Largest to Date All on BPW Axles

Trailer rental specialist, Hireco, have placed their largest order to date for 1,265 trailers, all on BPW axle and suspension systems with ECO Plus 3 drum brakes.

On the decision to specify BPW for their entire order, Hireco’s Managing Director, James Smith (pictured) says: “By specifying BPW axles, our trailer lifecycle has benefitted massively, reducing running costs, improving customer demand and used values. The BPW partnership has developed over the last eight years, and we have been very pleased with the product and the reactions to any issues that occur. We believe in service levels and the level of service we experience is of the highest order.”

Replenishing their fleet annually, Hireco have consistently been one of the UK’s largest buyers of new fleet trailers, driving them in early 2018 to place their largest order to date. Such an impressive order from Hireco is a strong sign of continued growth for the 40 year old company, and one which strengthens their partnership with some of the biggest names in the trailer manufacturing industry.

To meet the specific needs of their customers who operate across a wide range of commercial areas and to anticipate future market requirements, Hireco have strategic partners for every vehicle type, chosen for their proven expertise in their respective fields. Into this frame steps SDC who will be taking responsibility for a mixture of 650 curtainsiders and box vans, whilst Dennison will be building 265 flat skeleton trailers. Lawrence David are providing 200 pillarless trailers and a further 100 are being provided by Tiger Trailers. To complete this order, Gray & Adams, specialists in temperature controlled trailers, will be producing 50 refrigerated trailers.

Ordering significant quantities of new trailers on a yearly basis guarantees that Hireco’s fleets are regularly updated which also pays dividends for James Smith’s customers who he says “Benefit from better pricing, and the newer assets maximising uptime, adding peace of mind.” These new trailers also come equipped with the latest technology, such as BPW’s telematics systems. Already installed on 200 trailers, James states that “The latest tech really does give customers the ability to improve their asset utilisation, and it also improves uptime. As maintenance providers we can tap into the trailer and understand upcoming issues before they arise. It is a very pro-active system.”

Presently, of Hireco’s 5,000 strong fleet is under three years old, and it is at this three to five year age point they refresh their fleet’s assets, passing them onto their dedicated asset sales company, the newly launched Hireco Trailer Sales. As James Smith explains, “Having constant new stock creates a natural bi-product of used assets, which Hireco Trailer Sales can then offer these excellent used assets on favourable finance deals. This means we have better control over the used equipment prices.”

With operations based throughout the UK and Ireland, Hireco’s extremely successful trailer hire and leasing business has developed into a one-stop shop for fleet management by sourcing trailers, offering finance, service solutions and handling asset disposal. Although this is their largest trailer order to date, Hireco has plans for further expansion and aims to increase their fleet size from 5,000 up to 8,000 assets within the next five years. Hireco’s record breaking trailer order is just the next step in the planned future development for this already successful company and one which is great news for the UK trailer industry as a whole.

Credit: https://www.bpw.co.uk/news/hireco{65d183bc6f846ea3e638a301abf4df0dba82d5cf8dddf7fd02d48654b9407f00}E2{65d183bc6f846ea3e638a301abf4df0dba82d5cf8dddf7fd02d48654b9407f00}80{65d183bc6f846ea3e638a301abf4df0dba82d5cf8dddf7fd02d48654b9407f00}99s-1,265-trailer-order-largest-to-date-all-on-bpw-axles

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