Introduction to the new London ULEZ Scrappage Scheme

The Mayor of London has introduced a new scrappage scheme to reduce the amount of toxic air in London.

From 26th October 2020, the lower emission zones will be much stricter on heavier vehicles. This new scrappage scheme will support companies with 50 and under employees that don’t meet the ULEZ standards. If your vehicle does not meet the new standards, you will incur charges each day that you travel through London.

You can apply for a grant as follows on up to 3 vans or minibuses if they are running in the ULEZ zone. Existing vehicles that do not meet the ULEZ levels are EURO 1-5, if you have any of these vehicles you have the following options:

  • You can get up to £7000 grant if your vehicles are replaced with EURO 6 vehicles.
  • You can get up to £9500 grant if your vehicles are replaced with electric vehicles.
  • With that you can receive a refund of 3 months worth of LEZ payments.


At Hireco, we understand that this will affect a lot of small businesses but we are here to help! Here are options as to what we can do for you.

We can purchase your old vehicle – once you have applied for the scrappage scheme, we can then buy your vehicle and take the hassle off of your hands! You will get cash injection back into your business from the sale, and then we can offer you a fixed cost lease, with maintenance included for our electric vehicles.

We can replace your diesel vans and supply our LDV EV80 vans that are 100{65d183bc6f846ea3e638a301abf4df0dba82d5cf8dddf7fd02d48654b9407f00} electric. With them we have introduced a new ‘Bumper to Charger’ offer. From funding and installing electric charging points, to providing flexible financing and maintenance for the vehicle itself.

Our LDV EV80 Electric Van is the one for the city!

  • No fuel costs
  • Zero emissions
  • No congestion charges
  • No road fund licence
  • Qualifies for the 100{65d183bc6f846ea3e638a301abf4df0dba82d5cf8dddf7fd02d48654b9407f00} cleaner air discount
  • Over 200 charging points in London
  • Can drive a 120 mile range
  • Fully charges within 1.5 hours with a 40kW DC charger

Read more about them here:

To discuss these options or if you would like anymore information on the new scrappage scheme, please give us a call on:

0330 124 5651 or send us an email

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