Plain is perfect when it comes to used trailers!

Hireco’s Paul Jackson explains why plain is perfect when it comes to used trailers.

The company prides itself on taking all the hassle away from customers. Its philosophy is exactly the same for anyone buying a used piece of equipment as it is for those buying or financing the very latest product. Hireco Trailer Sales MD Paul Jackson explains that in addition to offering young, fresh trailers, their plain appearance is also in keeping with the firm’s no-hassle spirit. As customers receive them in the most convenient possible guise.

“The vast majority of them are plain blue, on drum brakes, ready to go. That’s the bulk of our fleet – whether that be a curtainsider, a box van, a fridge or a sliding skeletal. To a customer, that’s so advantageous. You’re not asking them to look through a yellow set of curtains with somebody else’s name on, for example.”

— Hireco Trailer Sales Director, Paul Jackson.

The firm strives to churn stock as quickly as possible. This means the majority of used items on offer are very young indeed. Just as it does with its new products, Hireco offers all of its used trailers with the option of one of its Serviceco maintenance packages.

While even younger trailers are usually available, Jackson reckons the five-year mark is the most common point for them to reach the market. It’s also the best from a customer’s perspective.

“Five years is a great time to sell a trailer – it’s like buying a car that’s two/three years old. You know it’s in good condition and it’s going to last you a few more years. The price is far enough away from a new one, but the quality’s still there.”

— Hireco Trailer Sales Director, Paul Jackson.

Chances are the company will have the type of used trailers the buyers are looking for.

You don’t have to be a gigantic customer to get your voice heard, either. The firm often conducts single-figure trailer sales and is therefore more than willing to engage with smaller buyers.

“Hireco will give you the same attention if you’re buying one trailer from us as we would if you were buying 50. We get more ones and twos than 20s and 30s and we really want to look after the customers from a second-hand point of view. We are not ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ and repeat business, for this department, is integral to what we do. This is our rental stock, so it gets sold at market value. Irrelevant of what it owes us, and the customers see the benefit of that. Anything we sell, you could rent, so it has to be of a certain quality. It’s an active fleet.”

— Hireco Trailer Sales Director, Paul Jackson.

Chances are the company will have the type of used trailers the buyers are looking for, too. The size of the fleet and the speed of turnover mean customers are more than likely to find what they’re after.

“There are so many specifications you can have on a particular trailer,” says Jackson. “Because we’ve got such a big fleet, we can pick them out and say, ‘yes – we do have that one; how many do you want?’”

Paul Jackson

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