Hireco pledge to take the fear factor out of running electric

Hireco is providing a solutions-led approach to its fast-developing electric range to give transport operators reassurance about easy charging.

Pete Smith, Group Sales Director, said “Our customers know they have a responsibility to reduce their carbon footprint and that means embracing the use of electric vehicles.”

He said: “Running electric gives our customers lower running and maintenance costs.”

Mr Smith added that Hireco was offering flexible rental and finance packages to encourage the growth of electric vehicles, including its latest electric offering, a versatile chiller van based on the energy efficient LDV EV80 and its own charging package.

It offers the operator a range of up to 120 miles, using a combined charging system and fully charged within 1.5 hours with a 40kW DC charger. The van has a load capacity of 1000kg and a capacity of 6.3 cubic metres. As well as the low maintenance needs, the chiller van offers the benefit of a regenerative battery.

Hireco was also able to give a solution-based service which reassures operators of the ability to always keep moving. Hireco backs up the chiller vans range with an infrastructure built around Serviceco, Hireco’s dedicated maintenance division, which works with LDV Assist and LDV Motor Rescue.

Further reassurance comes through a downloadable App showing charging points on a particular route.

Added Mr Smith: “We feel sure the new chiller van will give operators a new versatile addition to their fleet in time for the build up to Christmas and beyond.”

Hireco is reporting strong interest to its new chiller van, especially from the food (fresh and frozen), and pharmaceutical sectors and craft companies such as microbreweries and bakers.

Hireco also has a Light Commercial Vehicle division which combines years of experience and knowledge in vehicle hire to provide solutions approach bespoke to each customers requirement.

After more than 40 years, Hireco is much more than trucks and trailers. The company’s success has been built on establishing partnerships with its customers, for example, its ability to provide a range of innovative finance packages.

Hireco now operates more than 7,000 assets around the UK and Ireland; 70 percent of which are supplied to the country’s top 100 transport companies, often on bespoke contracts of three to ten years. One of the company’s trademarks is the age of its fleet, which is one of, if not the youngest in the business.

Hireco is one of the biggest buyers of new fleet in the UK, a position it has held for the last five years. At the heart of its fierce growth is a loyal customer base, ranging from smaller owner operator businesses to multinational 3PLs.

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